>my name is gabriel, i'm 18 and i'm from brazil.

>i made this website for fun. i'm enjoying it a lot, surprisingly. it feels great seeing what i'm writing taking shape. i am new to all this though, so everything might look a little odd or amateurish.

>my main interests are videogames and anime. these things are basically what fuels me lol.

>some of my favorite videogames are half-life, counter-strike, borderlands and TBoI.

>some of my favorite anime are the monogatari series, JoJo, steins;gate and danganronpa.

>my favorite bands/musicians rn are queens of the stone age, faith no more, nirvana, yung bae and a few vocaloid producers/utaite singers.

>my favorite thing right now is VA11 Hall-A. its also the theme of this website :)

>i have a very hard time with most social situations, though i'm getting better. i also can't usually find it in me to start doing the stuff i should (i.e im sort of lazy)